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I want to know the growth type (%age or MB) for database files on SQL server 2000. I Used sys.database_files files on SQl 2005 to get this information. I tried using sysfiles on SQl 2000 for this, but it wasn't good enough.

Can anyone help please?



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This query should help:

  size * 8 AS size_in_kb,
  size * 8 / 1024. AS size_in_mb,
  CASE WHEN status & 0x100000 > 0
       THEN growth 
       ELSE NULL END AS growth_in_percent,
  CASE WHEN status & 0x100000 = 0 
       THEN growth * 8 / 1024. END AS growth_in_mb  
FROM sysfiles
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Thanks.... This is just what i was after :-) –  Manjot Jul 18 '10 at 22:41

You can query the sysfiles system view:

SELECT * FROM sysfiles

It will give you quite a few bits for each file including its current size, its maximum size, and the growth (plus a flag whether that growth is a fixed number of pages, or a percentage).

See the MSDN documentation for the details on what the columns are and what they mean.

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Hint to OP: use "/128" to convert pages to MB... –  gbn Jul 16 '10 at 5:52
Thanks for the reminder –  Manjot Jul 18 '10 at 22:42
,groupid AS FileGroup
,fileid AS FileID
,RTRIM(NAME) AS LogicalFileName
,filename AS PhysicalFileName
,CAST(size / 128.0 AS DECIMAL(10, 2)) AS Size_MB
,CAST(FILEPROPERTY(NAME, 'SpaceUsed') / 128.0 AS DECIMAL(10, 2)) AS SpaceUsed_MB
,CAST(size / 128.0 - (FILEPROPERTY(NAME, 'SpaceUsed') / 128.0) AS DECIMAL(10, 2)) AS AvailableSpace_MB
,CAST((CAST(FILEPROPERTY(NAME, 'SpaceUsed') / 128.0 AS DECIMAL(10, 2)) / CAST(size / 128.0 AS DECIMAL(10, 2))) * 100 AS DECIMAL(10, 2)) AS UsedPercentage
    WHEN STATUS & 0x100000 > 0 THEN growth
    END AS Growth_Percent
    WHEN STATUS & 0x100000 = 0 THEN CAST(growth / 128.0 AS DECIMAL(10, 2))
    END AS Growth_MB
,CASE maxsize
    WHEN 0 THEN 'No growth is allowed'
    WHEN - 1 THEN 'File will grow until the disk is full'
    ELSE CONVERT(VARCHAR, CAST(maxsize / 128.0 AS DECIMAL(10, 2)))
    END AS MaxSize_MB 
FROM sysfiles

Just a bit more info

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