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i recently updated my mac to Snow Leopard. But due to it all my provisioning profiles have been deleted. I didnt keep the backup for my keychain so i downloaded my Certificate Signing Request again from apple developer program and installed it in my mac.So to upload one of my old application i created a new App Id with a new Provisioning profile..I did not have MobileDevice folder in my Library so i created it manually and copied the profile to that folder..Now in my xcode when i try to select my provisioning profile it does not show any.I selected the Iphone Distribution profile(Xcode3.2 might automatcally detect it) but it doesnt work.I manually entered the name of my profile via other but still it gives me error.

Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Distribution' doesn't match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain

Do i have to create a new Certificate Signing Request for Os 10.6?? Or creating MobileDevice folder manually wont work?? What should i do??

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I think you have to generate a new certificate. Unless you exported your previous certificates with your private key.

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i lost the private key –  Hemant Jul 16 '10 at 6:22
Yeah. I did that once too :( –  shookster Jul 16 '10 at 16:32

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