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How can I check if an item is set in localStorage? Currently I am using

if (!(localStorage.getItem("infiniteScrollEnabled") == true || localStorage.getItem("infiniteScrollEnabled") == false)) {
    // init variable/set default variable for item
    localStorage.setItem("infiniteScrollEnabled", true);
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seems, you will have a problem without a storage mutex – 4esn0k Jul 11 '13 at 6:37

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The getItem method in the WebStorage specification, explicitly returns null if the item does not exist:

... If the given key does not exist in the list associated with the object then this method must return null. ...

So, you can:

if (localStorage.getItem("infiniteScrollEnabled") === null) {

Note: While the WebStorage specification by definition allows you to store any arbitrary JavaScript object as the value of an storage item, this is not implemented yet on any browser (Bug reports: Firefox, Chromium), the storage item values are type-converted to string.

This can give you problems, like in your example, if you store a Boolean value, it will be converted to string, for example:

localStorage.setItem('test', true);
localStorage.getItem('test') == true; // false!!!

That happens because we are comparing a String with a Boolean value:

"true" == true; // false
"false" == false; // false

Also, if you try to store an object, it will be also converted to String.

See this related question:

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Could you add your own method to localStorage to encapsulate this little test? E.g. localStorage.hasItem("infiniteScrollEnabled")? – Paul D. Waite Jul 17 '10 at 1:10
@Paul: Yes, you could even augment the Storage.prototype object, but as a rule of thumb I always recommend to not modify objects you don't own, specially host objects. – CMS Jul 17 '10 at 18:10
ooh yeah, good points in there. Coming from a CSS background, the idea that I can fix browser issues myself is exciting, but I can see how mucking around with the browser’s objects could get confusing. – Paul D. Waite Jul 19 '10 at 9:38
The note is incorrect - the current version of the Storage interface specifically says that the values are of type DOMString. – Alnitak Jun 6 at 20:16

The shortest way is to use default value, if key is not in storage:

var sValue = localStorage['my.token'] || ''; /* for strings */
var iValue = localStorage['my.token'] || 0; /* for integers */
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How can test existence of an item in localSotorage? this one work in internet explorer

        alert("we are in catch "+e.print);
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localStorage.getItem("root2") === null //false

Maybe better to do a scan of the plan ?

'root1' in localStorage
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localStorage.infiniteScrollEnabled = 1;




if (localStorage[""infiniteScrollEnabled""]) {
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