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I am putting together an Java application that needs to display some basic lab instrument components. For example, I'd like to display: a strip chart, oscilloscope-style trace, and a panel meter (galvanometer needle). Rendering requirements are open (as long as the engine is free and generally available). Any suggestions?

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Take a look at JFreeChart. We've implemented a couple of strip chart applications with it. Offhand I'm not sure about an oscilloscope type trace, you'd have to look into it. It does look like there is a meter-like capability.

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Cool. I had looked at JFreeChart before, but didn't see anything anything like "Strip Chart" or "Chart Recorder" in the API. I see now that it is a "Dynamic Chart". I also see the meter-like charts. I'm thinking I might be able to hammer something into an oscilloscope trace with JFreeChart. Thx –  jbrogdon Nov 28 '08 at 21:05

I've never used this myself so I cannot say how good it is but I came across these tools some time ago. DART Visualization tools. They use an open source license. Maybe there is something in there to help you.

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