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I want to use sets as data structure. how should i make it possible? what are the commands I need?

Like closedset = set()

is this ok?

And in a set, if i want to get some value out, what is the command for that one?

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Have you considered to read the [ documentation ]( It is very important that you learn to work with the Python documentation, it will help you a lot. – Felix Kling Jul 16 '10 at 8:54
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Correct. To create an empty set, write foo = set(). To retrieve values, you can iterate over the set:

for val in someset:
    print val

You can also write val in someset to check if an item is in a set.

Be sure to read the documentation for how to do set operations.

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You can saymySet = set(), which will give you a blank set to work with. Additionally, one method I found useful usually is converting from tuples/lists to sets, which you can do by saying mySet = set([1,2,3,4,5]).

What do you mean you'd like to get some value out? As in whether or not an item is a member of the set? For determining membership, you can use the usual python idiom of 1 in mySet to determine whether 1 is in the set or not.

And yes, the docs are right here

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