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I just lost my private key with OS reinstallation so will have to create new Certificate Signing Requests.. I wanted to know if revoking my Distribution Certificate will have any effect on my existing applications on App Store especially when one of my applications is waiting for approval ( In Review ) build from old distribution certificate.

Should i wait for the app to be accepted by the Apple or revoking the distribution certificate won't have any affect on the application?

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Did you figure out an answer for this ? because i am also in a similar situation. –  anoop4real Sep 21 at 10:24

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I know this is an ancient question, but since it hasn't been answered... According to Apple support, you can revoke the certificate immediately after submitting an app for review and the app won't be affected. Apps already on the app store will not be affected either.

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quote, cite, something? would be great to see this... –  Yar Oct 20 '13 at 21:35

From my own experience, it won't affect your online app.

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Often developers face this question and stay away from revoking a certificate. Possible thoughts are if it affect the app in the store, or will the same certificate be required for the next update etc.

But there are no any issues like that. An Appstore and Adhoc production certificates are used for the App store submission process only. It needs to check the private key public key pair to validate that the ipa is code signed by a valid signing authority. Once the app goes to app store you need not have to bother about the certificate used.

The next time for creating an update, you can codesign using a different certificate, but you need to use the same app id.

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From the apple docs:

iOS Distribution Certificate (App Store) If your iOS Developer Program membership is valid, your existing apps on the App Store will not be affected. However, you will no longer be able to submit new apps or updates to the App Store.

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