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I really can't figure it out. I'm new to Mercurial and TortoiseHg. Read alot of docs and still cant find answer. I know that one way of branching is making a copy. Thats clear but there is another way called "named branches" but this is one thing i can't understand.

For example i I have new repo first branch is called "default". Then i added 3 branches called "test1...3". Now in repo browser i have tree like this:

* test3
* test2
* test1
* default

how to achieve something like this:

* test 1 
|  _______* test 2
| | ______* test 3
| ||
* default

How to after branching to "branch3" switch back to "default". After adding some things and commit and switch back to "branch3"?

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If you need an advice in TortoiseHG specifically too - then you have to open repository explorer and choose "update" for the head of branch you are interested to switch to.

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You should make a

hg update -C default

between each named branch creation.

Beware of the -C option, which also discards local changes, so be careful before using this command.

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Wow, thanks. It was easy. –  Krzysiek Grzembski Jul 16 '10 at 11:33

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