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i have made an android application for "Project Build Target" as

Target name:: "Android 2.2"

Vendor :: "Android Open Source Project"

Platform :: "2.2"

API Level :: "8"

I am using Eclipse helios and android sdk r_06.

But the phone where i am want to run my application has platform 1.6

how do make this application run on that phone with that platform because when i installed the application it gave me error "incompatible platform","package corrupted","package not found"

how do i make it compatible??

also in eclipse when i changed target name as "Android 1.5" it gave me error in res folder tellin "invalid resources directory"

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You need to install an older version of the SDK there are instructions here. Make sure you get one for 1.6 or less. You may or may not need to change your code to make it run on the earlier version.

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i am not getting any error when i run this on my emulator.. but will it give any error on phone?? as i just changed target name to 1.6 and minSdkVersion to 4 –  poojan9118 Jul 16 '10 at 11:58

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