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can i ask why does the following output FALSE?

import java.util.Arrays;

public class Test2 {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new Test2();

    private final int[] VOWEL_POS = {0,4,8,14,20};





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The asList method here returns a List<int[]>, which is not what you expect.

The reason is that you can't have a List<int>. In order to achieve what you want, make an array of Integer - Integer[].

Apache commons-lang has ArrayUtils for that:


or make the array initially Integer[] so that no conversion is needed

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Arrays.asList returns a generic type. int is a primitive type.

Change the type of your array from int to Integer:

private final Integer[] VOWEL_POS = {0,4,8,14,20};
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Because Arrays.asList(VOWEL_POS) constructs a List<int[]> and not a List<Integer>. There is no List<int> in Java (or of any other primitive type).

Just change your definition to private final Integer[] VOWEL_POS = {0,4,8,1,20}; and it will become a List<Integer>.

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Som info here

I think the problem will be that the List contains only a single item, that is actually an integer array.

Since int is a primitive type, you are not calling the asList(Object[]) method but the varargs asList(T... a) method.

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