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In this abbreviated code, the inline event works - the "event" is passed to the testKeyPress function

<textarea id="source"
    onkeydown= "showCursPos(this); 
    var tf=testKeyPress(event);
    document.onkeypress=function(){return tf};
    document.onkeydown=function(){return tf}; " ></textarea>

function testKeyPress(e){
    if (e.ctrlKey==true ){
        if (e.which == null ){kcode=e.keyCode; }  // IE
        else if (e.which > 0){kcode=e.which; }    // gecko
        return testValidity(kcode);   //returns true-false

However, in this anonymous version, the event is not passed in gecko:

<textarea id="source"></textarea>

$("source").onkeydown = function(){ 
    showCursPos(this);  // this function works
    // next event is passed in IE, but not gecko
    var tf=testKeyPress(event); 
    // remaining functions work if value is forced
    document.onkeypress=function(){return tf}; 
    document.onkeydown=function(){return tf}; 

How does one pass the function's own event?

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Yes, there is an event object as arguments.

You can get it by

var e=arguments[0] || event; // Firefox via the argument, but IE don't

I don't know if they exact the same, but I read <xxx onkeydown="func(event);"> as xxx.ononkeydown=function(event){func(event);};

Reference event @ Mozilla.org

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Your solution worked for me. :-) – Chris Jester-Young Nov 28 '08 at 21:07

Worked like a charm. This modification to my original code successfully passes the event from the anonymous function to the named function in my four browsers: IE6, FF2, NS7.2, OP9.22

$("source").onkeydown = function(){ 
    var e=arguments[0] || event; 
    var tf=testKeyPress(e); 
    document.onkeypress=function(){return tf}; 
    document.onkeydown=function(){return tf}; 
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