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how to get latest date and time in php and mysql using a select statement? is that possible My field type is data time it looks like this "2010-06-08 01:41:27" . any help is appreciated guys.

edit: sorry not so clear with my question...(ugh!) basically I have a column in my table which has a field of datetime (did I say it right, it has a data type of datetime?) , these are fill up already with some data , All I need to do is get the latest in that field, is there a need to compare it ?

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i think you are looking for this: select max(datetime_column) from table

But your question isn't all that clear.

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thanks man, I have updated the question , I will try your suggestion. –  arnold Jul 16 '10 at 14:17
From what i can tell from your question this is exactly what you want. Say you have 2 records in your table, this query returns the record with the highest value in your datetime typed column. –  Dennis Haarbrink Jul 16 '10 at 14:38

In SQL, use this:


to get the current date/time. In PHP, use the time() function.

You can also insert the current time into a database field using this SQL:

INSERT INTO `mytable` (`date`) VALUES (NOW());
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use Select now() this may help u

for getting any value

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If you want to see the record with the latest datetime column in it, do this:

select * from your_table order by your_datetime_column desc limit 1;
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