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I'm planning to use thw WebBrowser component to display html that is created on the fly. The perfect choice for this is NavigateToString or NavigateToStream methods. There's only one single problem - I need to load images / css styles / js files too. How do I accomplish this while using string/stream?

As an option I'm also considering writing/finding simple http server and running it on some port, but that's an additional work and requirements(open ports) so I'd like to avoid that if it's possible.

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You can cast WebBrowser.Document to IPersistMoniker and load a moniker that implements GetDisplayName. Check http://csexwb2.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/cEXWB.cs for example code.

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Faced with this same problem I created my own solution. You can see it here: Reference an image imbedded in a WPF application from within an HTML file used as help content

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