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Where I can find the source code for du and other Linux utilities?

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It is with the GNU CoreUtils package.

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David is right. You can start with the entry point, du.c, in Savannah. Also, since it's free software under the GPL, you can also get it from your GNU/Linux distribution. E.g., on Debian or Ubuntu you can generally just do:

apt-get source coreutils

to get the source for the version installed.

(EDIT by Novelocrat)

For other commands, to find out what package they're in, you can say

dpkg -S `which command`

which command will tell you the full path to that command, and dpkg -S filename will tell you what package provides a file. Then you can run apt-get source packagename to get its source code.

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+1 for du.c. It spared me of downloading the entire package –  xeek Mar 8 '12 at 12:53

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