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I'm running complex tests that create many cookies for different sections of my web site.

Occasionally I have to restart the browser in the middle a long test and since the Selenium server doesn't modify the base Firefox profile, the cookies evaporate.

Is there any way I can save all of the cookies to a Python variable before terminating the browser and restore them after starting a new browser instance?

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Yes, sure. Look at getCookie, getCookieByName and createCookie methods.

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the get_cookie method doesn't provide the path, domain, and expiry date for each cookie, so it isn't possible to fully restore those parameters with create_cookie. any other ideas? –  GJ. Aug 7 '10 at 17:46

I think you should crate a browser profile and start server for that profile. So all your cookies get saved/modified during every execution. I've gievn these details as answer for another question . Please refer it.. It is given for java client and firefox but I'm sure you can implement it as per your requirements.

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