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I have an application, that uses scriptaculous' effects queue to render the view of a game. Ajax-requests read events from a server, from these events, effects are generated and enqueued.

Some events have nothing to animate, only code to execute. It is possible, by creating a Dummy-effect, and use the afterFinish option.

Is there a better way?

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Yes, You can write your own effect class and take advantage of all kinds of Scriptaculous/Prototype goodness.

Here is an example I wrote.

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The effect i wrote basically boils down to a DummyEffect, because all i need in this case is the afterFinish-callback. But I take from your answer that there is now better way that to write own effects, even if they don't do much. Thanks! –  keppla Jul 16 '10 at 14:55
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There seems to be an undocumented Effect-class which is basically my dummy class: Effect.Event(options), which is used internally by scriptaculous. For my purpose (just enqueueing a function) it does the Job.

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