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I have a list of orders, which are connected to a user-table. Each order can contain multiple users.

I then have a search area where an admin can search through all orders by searching for e.g. a last name.

If there is done a search for e.g. Smith, all orders where a user named smith should be shown, but how is this done with NHibernate and Criterion?

I first tried (users is a list of users):

crit.CreateCriteria("Users").Add(Restrictions.Like("LastName", Users))

but with no success.

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I saw the post but couldn't use the solution for my problem. –  Dofs Jul 16 '10 at 19:41

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use Query Over

IList<Order> Order = Session.QueryOver<Order>().JoinQueryOver<User>(ord=>ord.user).Where(usr=>usr.LastName.IsSensitiveLike  ("Smith",MatchMode.Starts)).List<Order>();
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get session in a variable say mySession

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