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Hi Im having a problem with a project im doing through school. When I try and run my program i get this error message: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError). I executed it through TextMate and it gave me an error and said that the instance variabel @parkin_lots
not initialized?? I thought i ghad done that. Please would be grateful if anyone had a clue to my problem. Thanks

require 'guest'
require 'parking_lot'


class Camping

 attr_accessor :current_guests, :parking_lots, :all_guests

 # slumpade platser i den 1-baserade listan
 def initialize

  # de nuvarande gästerna
  @current_guests = Array.new(32)

  # initiera husvagnsplatserna
  @parking_lots = Array.new(32)
  32.times do |nr|
   @parking_lots[nr] = Parking_Lot.new(nr)

  # samtliga gäster
  @all_guests = []

  # initiera incheckade gäster
  defaultGuests = Array[
   Guest.new("Logan",  "Tokyo",  "5880089", 1, @parking_lots[0]),
   Guest.new("Scott",  "New York",  "29884", 2, @parking_lots[1]),
   Guest.new("Luke",  "Barcelona",   "1456", 3, @parking_lots[2]),
   Guest.new("Damian",   "Berlin",   "5689", 4, @parking_lots[3]),
   Guest.new("Hank", "Chicago",   "89055", 5, @parking_lots[4]),

  # lägg in de incheckade gästerna i nuvarande gästerna samt historiken
  defaultGuests.each do |guest|
   @current_guests[guest.plot.nr] = guest

 # Returnerar en strängrepresentation av gästlistan, dvs to_s från Guest-klassen.
 # Om en plats är ledig skrivs texten "Ledig" ut.
 def to_s
  # skapa en tom sträng som fylls på vidare
  list = ""

  # loopa från 1 till 32
  (1..32).each do |n|
   # översätt positionen till 0-baserad array och kolla om det finns 
   # någon gäst registrerad på positionen, och i så fall lägg till 
   # texten i list
   if (!@current_guests[n-1].nil?)
    list += @current_guests[n-1].to_s
    # annars, lägg till texten "Ledig"
    list += n.to_s + ": Ledig\n"
  return list

 # ledig plats (nummer mellan 1-32).
 def generateParkingLot
  # slumpa ett tal mellan 1 och 32
  randomNr = 1+rand(32)
  # finns det en gäst på den (0-baserade) positionen?
    if (!@current_guests[randomNr-1].nil?)
     # isåfall, generera en ny siffra
     # returnera den genererade siffran
     return randomNr
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please paste in your stack trace –  Jed Schneider Jul 16 '10 at 14:50
oh, just a couple idomatic ruby things, a file called parking_lot.rb should have a class definition of ParkingLot, not Parking_Lot and you would declare it as ParkingLot.new. weird i know. Also, no need to specifically use return, unless you want to break out of a loop or something similar eg, 'return list' and 'list' will both return the list because it is the last evaluation in the method. –  Jed Schneider Jul 16 '10 at 14:53
Looks like you have an end too much in your code. –  Mladen Jablanović Jul 16 '10 at 16:34
And another end missing at the end of your code. Just move the 2nd end after 32.times down until the end. –  j.p. Jul 16 '10 at 17:27
Thanks for the replies and good tips. One thing though were was that end that i had too much of?! –  Tim Jul 19 '10 at 14:12

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