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I'm doing a rewrite of an old Rails application and I thought I should do it in a RESTful manner, as a learning experience if nothing else.

I've reached some actions that toggles a boolean value, for example if an article is published or not.

Before I had a couple of actions: toggle_published, publish and unpublish.

They were very easy to use: i just made a link to them in the article-list.

How would you do the same thing in a RESTful manner?

Should I use the update-action, and build a mini-form to replace each link that I used before? I don't particulary like that idea.

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It sounds like you have two use cases:

  • set published state
  • toggle published state

You should be able to add a member route for the toggle action for:

/articles/<id>/toggle_published - calls Article.toggle(:published)

And use Article update on :published attribute via the standard REST resource route.

map.resources :articles, :member => :toggle
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Just a notice:

A toggle method is not RESTful, because the HTTP PUT verb is supposed to be idempotent (see a.o. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idempotence#Examples). This means that no matter how often you execute a method, it should always give the same result. A toggle method does not adhere to this principle, as it does not give the same result if you execute it once comparing to executing it twice.

If you want to make it RESTful, you should create two methods: one for setting and one for unsetting.

Making an application RESTful does not only mean that you should use the correct HTTP verb.

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I'd probably solve it with PUT/DELETE or POST/DELETE on a nested "toggle resource". Perhaps not 100% completely restful but certainly easy enough to understand.

PUT or POST /articles/:id/published # Toggle published ON

DELETE /articles/:id/published # Toggle published OFF

GET /articles/:id/published # Get state RESTfully via status 200 (ON) or 404 (OFF)

Might seem a bit odd, but it is technically RESTful.

Update: A (perhaps) more natural approach might also just be:

PUT or POST /articles/:id/published Data: { state: true/false } # Toggle published ON

You could also use the PATCH verb with the actual article which I assume has a published property:

PATCH /articles/:id { published: true/false }

Because all the cool REST kids are using PATCH nowadays.

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