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I'm using an Ajax call with jQuery for calling a PHP script with some paramaters to another server. So the Ajax call is made by server1 and the PHP file called is on the server2. When I call the "success" method, the variable passed to the function is empty! the PHP script don't do nothing exept for echoing a string (I'm on testing:)). So the variable is still empty. I try to move the php file to the server1 where the Ajax call was made and works perfect. So is a cross server problem. Can someone help me please? Thanks

After reading the tutorial posted below I find this plugin, http://github.com/jamespadolsey/jQuery-Plugins/blob/master/cross-domain-ajax/jquery.xdomainajax.js I'm trying it and seems to work. Thanks

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cross-server requests are a security issue (see Same Origin Policy). btw you can use JSON to workaround this, check this useful article to see how.

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