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I need a variable countdown timer for between 1-10 seconds, that can be stopped and restarted. What's a good set of UI elements to use for this? I need something intuitive that uses a fairly small amount of screen real estate, comparable to a normal-sized JButton. A windup kitchen egg timer would be the best physical analogy:

alt text

NOTE: I know how to implement timers and restart them, I just need to figure out what UI elements to use.

NOTE 2: I need a variable countdown timer. If the user wants 1 second, I want a 1 second timer. If the user wants an 8.2 second timer, I want an 8.2 second timer. The kitchen timer above is simple, the user just turns it to a certain amount and lets it go.

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Why not use a JProgressBar that starts off "full" and empties as the time decreases? You overlay the remaining time in seconds over the bar, therefore avoiding using additional screen real estate.

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That's an indicator. I need a way to both display and set. –  Jason S Jul 16 '10 at 18:11
(although +1 since it does have aesthetic appeal as an indicator) –  Jason S Jul 16 '10 at 19:07

For a short term solution I used a JSlider... I add an ActionListener to its BoundedRangeModel, and set my timer when there is a change and the BoundedRangeModel.getValueIsAdjusting() returns false. When my timer counts down but is not yet expired and the BoundedRangeModel.getValueIsAdjusting() returns false, I call BoundedRangeModel.setValue().

Not too happy with it but it kinda does what I want.

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For entertainment, you can dress up the SliderUI: stackoverflow.com/questions/2898259 –  trashgod Jul 16 '10 at 19:28

It is fairly simple... Labels and buttons should be fine.. Here are some examples

alt text

alt text

alt text

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and how do I set it? I really would just like something as simple as an egg timer. –  Jason S Jul 16 '10 at 19:07
Not sure what you mean by "set it" –  eugener Jul 16 '10 at 19:14
A JLabel and 2 JButtons under it or on the sides should be enough. The rest is just styling –  eugener Jul 16 '10 at 19:15
set it = decide to set the timer to 10 seconds or 1 second or 5 seconds. –  Jason S Jul 16 '10 at 19:57
When the set button is pressed drop down menu appears with those times. So all together it would take 2 clicks. For more cutomization set of JSpinners can replace the time label just for setting time. –  eugener Jul 16 '10 at 20:40

A (ridiculously) simple solution: if you don't need too much graphical flair, just use a single JButton that displays the seconds remaining when the timer is running. When the timer's off, it displays "Start"; clicking it will begin the countdown. You could then stop (or pause) it by clicking when the timer is running.

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I'd use a JSpinner for the setting; a javax.swing.Timer for the counting; and a single button, labelled "Start" or "Stop" as a function of the Timer state. Almost anything would do for display, but @Adamski's JProgressBar idea has appeal.

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