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So, it looks like overwrite_params is deprecated as of Rails 2.3.6. Is there a suitable workaround that is generally accepted as best-practice?

For example, I used to to be able to do the following (which I thought was quite useful):

url_for(:overwrite_params => {:page => 1})

I've seen the following solution mentioned online ... is this the new way to do it?

url_for(request.params.merge(:page => 1))

Thanks for the help.

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never actually seen overwrite_params before ... always just pass in what I need for the url helper method. Interesting. – Toby Hede Jul 17 '10 at 2:33
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I actually just saw this mentioned in a Railscast episode:

He suggests basically what you said, using params.merge. Note that you don't need to say request.params, params is sufficient. Also if you're using link_to, then you may not need url_for. In other words, if you have:

link_to title, url_for(params.merge(:page => 1))

then it might suffice to say

link_to title, params.merge(:page => 1)
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