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I feel I have outgrown Wordpress for where I want to take my website. I would prefer to start with a CMS core so I don't have to program that all from scratch, but am not having any luck. PHP or .NET are both options for me. Other languages are a possibility, but really depend on how much programing I would have to do.

The front-end logic is simple:

  • Display news articles
  • Display podcast show notes
  • Have a page for each band with a link-back to each show they were played in

The back-end is a bit more difficult:

  • Create articles and schedule appearance and disappearance (easy)
  • Create automatic links to the band page
  • Automatically email the band contact when the band has been played on the show
  • Allow bands to update their information
  • Create unique feeds for registered users

These are the more difficult parts that I have been having trouble finding a CMS framework for. Most that I have seen doesn't seem to allow me to link content together. Granted, this is just an overview, but it is the automation that I am looking for to make live easier in the long run.

Any ideas on something that would work on a shared host?

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WordPress coupled with PodPress should do fine. When it comes to a CMS, I would start with something simple in concept (like a blogging engine) that can grow via plugins.

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Check out Joomla (http://www.joomla.org/). It's PHP based and has lots of extensions, both free and commercial.

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Have you checked out Ektron yet? I've done several projects in it so far, and it's quite powerful. Nothing in your brief requirements looks like it'd be too hard to implement with the out-of-the-box tools. An added plus is that Ektron is implemented in .net.

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Joomla, Mambo, Dupral among others there is this website http://cmstester.com/ that actualy reviews the different CMSs and you can see a list of them here: http://cmstester.com/list-of-cms-platforms/

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Give Drupal a shot, there's thousands of modules available and I'm sure there's a could that can be installed to create the functionality you're after.

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We use SiteFinity.com they offer a free community edition as well as a slightly more robust full version. You can use the free version for commercial sites as long as the logo near the bottom is in place.

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I lead the development of some free podcasting software for Joomla!. It gives you the ability to create multiple podcast feeds for separate categories. It's also written in an MVC pattern, making it easier to rewrite for your feeds as necessary. I think you can get something close to what you're describing, but you'll ultimately need custom code to do some of it.

I haven't looked at Drupal's podcasting support recently, but I seem to remember that it was a combination of different extensions that gave you similar functionality. Since you're probably looking at custom code either way, you should definitely look at both platforms.

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