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I am trying to follow some starter guides for using MEF in .Net 4, but I get stuck when I get to setting up the application. The instructions say to do this:

var catalog = new DirectoryCatalog(@".\");
var container = new CompositionContainer(catalog);

But the version of System.ComponentModel.Composition included with .Net 4 doesn't seem to have the Composeparts method available on CompositionContainer, and I am unable to find a good reference on how to do this in the current system.

Here is the reference I am currently using: Building Composable Apps in .NET 4 with the Managed Extensibility Framework

Does anyone out there have a better reference that I should be looking at?

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The CompositionContainer does have a ComposeParts method, as an extension method.

See this reference for some working code.

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why oh why oh why is it an extension method! thanks for the answer :-) – ColinE Sep 30 '11 at 8:15

One thing to note, if you haven't used extension methods before. You MUST have the using statement. In this case:

using System.ComponentModel.Composition;

for the code in the question to work. Without the using statement, the intellisense and compiler will not allow the use of the extension method.

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Thanks. You saved me valuable minutes at a Hackathon. – BSalita Mar 28 '13 at 8:38

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