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So I am working on an app that was compiled on sdk 3.2 and 2.2.1, but I have sdk 4.0. When I compile it, I get many build errors "Pattern colors not supported by the iphone SDK for iphone OS versions prior to 3.0" and "setText is deprecated."

Furthermore, when I open a nib file and try to change the colors, add in an item from the library, or mess around with it my changes and additions don't show up during runtime. I am thinking this is an issue with the interface builder, particularly the different SDK versions.

Is this the case? I am programming for the ipad, so I need at least 3.2?

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Open the .xib file in Interface Builder, then select Window > Document Info, select a later version of Deployment Target OS version.

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I was getting the "Pattern colors are not supported..." error, and this solution fixes the problem. Turns out some of our really old views were still configured for iOS2 –  brack Sep 30 '10 at 18:02

Your errors of "setText is deprecated" is an error in your code because apple updated their framework. The easiest to fix that would be to check the framework for a comment that says what to use.

When you make a change to a nib file, interface builder and Xcode require that you save before building the project.

The iPad is only 3.2, so yes you will need to build it for iOS 3.2.

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Sorry I am OP, had to create an account since I was using a temp one.

Thanks for the answer, however, I'm not too worried about setText is deprecated because it builds successfully.

Regarding the nib file, I did save, clean and rebuild the project. I'm working on someone else's code done in earilier sdk's, and when I delete their objects in IB the app will still run fine, as though the interface builder is not responding. I add objects in the nib and they won't show up. If I do this is projects I create, it goes through finely. My guess is it's the different sdks?

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