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I have been experimenting with Custom Actions in order to encrypt part of the App.Config file on installation (as per how-do-i-encrypt-app-config-file-sections-during-install-with-wix) I have the basic CA process working but I am missing something in my understanding of Wix/msi installations.

My Wix configuration for the CA looks a bit like

            SourceFile="(path to CA DLL)"/>

<Property Id="APPCONFIGPATH" Value="(Path to Exe file)" />
<Property Id="SECTIONTOENCRYPT" Value="(Section of App.Config to Encrypt)" />

<CustomAction Id="ENCRYPT_SECTION"
              Impersonate="no" />

    <Custom Action="ENCRYPT_SECTION" After="InstallFinalize" />

And inside the CA are explicit references to


Now for my question. What I want to do is to execute my CA twice but supply a different value to the SECTIONTOENCRYPT properties that are fed into it. If I was to invent my own Wix syntax I would express my desires as:

    <Custom Action="ENCRYPT_SECTION" 
            APPCONFIGPATH = "(Path to Exe File)" 
            SECTIONTOENCRYPT = "(Section #1)" />

    <Custom Action="ENCRYPT_SECTION" 
            APPCONFIGPATH = "(Path to Exe File)" 
            SECTIONTOENCRYPT = "(Section #2)" />


I know this is just fancy on my part, but I can't seem to get my head around expressing this in the Wix's declarative format. The only valid idea I can come up with is to concatenate the SECTIONTOENCRYPT strings and parse them out inside the CA. That would work, but it just doesn't feel right to me - although that may be because I don't have any experience in this area.

Can anyone suggest a better way of doing things?


It just struck me that the main use case of this is when I have a single Wix installer that installs multiple programs in which I want to encrypt the App.Config file

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Well after resounding lack of interest by SO I think I found my solution in another SO question: how do i pass msiexec properties to a wix c custom action

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