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I'm new to ASP.NET MVC and am using version 1.0 of the framework. I have a site.master page with the following hard-coded menu

<div id="menucontainer">
    <ul id="menu">              
    <li><%= Html.ActionLink("Home", "Index", "Home")%></li>
    <li><%= Html.ActionLink("Drivers", "List/?category=Drivers", "Product")%></li>
    <li><%= Html.ActionLink("Irons", "List/?category=Irons", "Product") %></li>
    <li><%= Html.ActionLink("Wedges", "List/?category=Wedges", "Product") %></li>
    <li><%= Html.ActionLink("Putters", "List/?category=Putters", "Product") %></li> 

I want to show an extra item on the menu only if users are logged on. Something like "View My Listings". I have no problem doing this in a dirty hacky way so I have tried

<% if (User.Identity.IsAuthenticated) ...

but User is not valid in this context. My question is how to show an extra menu item only if users are logged on?

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I use HttpContext.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated in my view to manage menu items. – Nate Jul 16 '10 at 21:11
What's the difference between using HttpContext.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated, Context.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated and Request.IsAuthenticated?? – Peter Kelly Jul 16 '10 at 21:32
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You can access the User object through the Context object:

<% if(Context.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated) ...
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I also just discovered that I could use

<% if (Request.IsAuthenticated) { %>
  <li><%= Html.ActionLink("View my Listings", "MyListings", "List")%>
<% } %>
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works in MVC 5 for me. Just replaced with the Razor syntax (@). – JustJohn Dec 17 '15 at 5:41

For MVC 4+ We do like this:

@if(Context.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated) {
     <li> @Html.ActionLink(... 
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