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As stated in title, I would like to check in given file object (opened as binary stream) is valid UTF-8 file.



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You could do something like

import codecs
    f = codecs.open(filename, encoding='utf-8', errors='strict')
    for line in f:
    print "Valid utf-8"
except UnicodeDecodeError:
    print "invalid utf-8"
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def try_utf8(data):
    "Returns a Unicode object on success, or None on failure"
       return data.decode('utf-8')
    except UnicodeDecodeError:
       return None

data = f.read()
udata = try_utf8(data)
if udata is None:
    # Not UTF-8.  Do something else
    # Handle unicode data
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Obviously I didn't do my homework good enough when there is more that one solution simple as this :( Thanks! –  Jox Jul 16 '10 at 23:53

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