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The following code should allow to hide/show the CKEditor form

<a onClick="$('#form1').hide();">Hide</a>
<a onClick="$('#form1').show();">Show</a>
<form action="sample_posteddata.php" method="post" id="form1">
    <textarea id="editor1" name="editor1">blabla</textarea>
    <script type="text/javascript"> CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1' ); </script>
    <input type="submit" value="Submit" />

However, this code works fine on Chrome but on Firefox, once I have toggled once the editor (one 'hide' click followed by one 'show' click) , it becomes not editable !!

How can I make it work on every browser?

Thank you.

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Looks like this might help you out:

In the report I linked to they show trying something like this:

if (frames[0]) {
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I'll try your suggestion...but the bug you have likned it is marked as FIXED and I am using last version of CKEditor. – fabien7474 Jul 17 '10 at 10:33
I tried it but itis not working (FCK is not used anymore in CKEditor version 3.X). Do you have another idea? – fabien7474 Jul 17 '10 at 11:11
Do you have a site that I can test on? – spinon Jul 17 '10 at 18:59
You can download an example here : Just unzip and open the html file. Click hide/show => it will not work on FF – fabien7474 Jul 19 '10 at 8:51
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It doesn't seem to have a real workaround.

See here for more info. The only solution is to wait for CKEditor new version 3.4.

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Try wrapped it in a div eg : <div id="fckz"> <form >...</form> </div> and make the hide show on the div .

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I have already tried. Not working at all. – fabien7474 Jul 17 '10 at 10:29

Solution is:

// Hide form
//Show form
CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1', {height: "220px", skin: "v2"});
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Thx. I'll give it a try. Meanwhile I have switched to MarkItUp... – fabien7474 Dec 30 '10 at 9:22
<div id="container">            
    <textarea class="ckeditor" cols="80" id="editor1" name="editor1" rows="10"></textarea>
    <input type="button" value="jQuery Hide" onclick="$('#container').hide('fast');" />
    <input type="button" value="jQuery Show" onclick="$('#container').show('fast');" />
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I found an answer at

So basically, you have to destory the CKEditor instance first by doing the ff:

if(typeof CKEDITOR.instances['element_name'] != 'undefined') {
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