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How do I get Jackson to serialize my Joda DateTime object according to a simple pattern (like "dd-MM-yyyy"?

I've tried:

private final DateTime date;

I've tried:

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper()


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Both of above should actually also work (@JsonSerialize should imply that field is to be serialized; and date format should also ideally apply to Joda), so you might want to file a Jira bug at jira.codehaus.org/browse/JACKSON. –  StaxMan Sep 2 '10 at 18:49
I realize this question is from a while back, but for future reference, objectMapper.getSerializationConfig().setDateFormat(df) is now deprecated. objectMapper.setDateFormat(df) is now suggested. –  Patrick Sep 7 '12 at 14:54

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In the object you're mapping:

@JsonSerialize(using = CustomDateSerializer.class)
public DateTime getDate() { ... }

In CustomDateSerializer:

public class CustomDateSerializer extends JsonSerializer<DateTime> {

    private static DateTimeFormatter formatter = 

    public void serialize(DateTime value, JsonGenerator gen, 
                          SerializerProvider arg2)
        throws IOException, JsonProcessingException {

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How to register CustomDateSerializer in spring mvc 3? –  digz6666 Mar 21 '11 at 6:26
I don't know about Spring MVC3, but you can add a custom serializer to the Jackson mapper object. See this entry in Jackson You need to create a simple module for that SimpleModule isoDateTimeModule = new SimpleModule("ISODateTimeModule", new Version(1, 0, 0, null)); isoDateTimeModule.addSerializer(new JsonISODateTimeFormatSerializer()); mapper.registerModule(isoDateTimeModule); –  Guillaume Belrose Feb 29 '12 at 17:02
@digz6666 see my answer here for Spring MVC 3: stackoverflow.com/questions/7854030/… –  Aram Kocharyan Sep 27 '12 at 9:12
Note - make sure to use the above classes from org.codehaus.jackson rather than com.fasterxml.jackson.core. Using the second package didn't work for me. In fact, my Jersey app didn't even respect the @JsonSerialized annotation. –  Kevin Meredith May 13 at 17:08

This has become very easy with Jackson 2.0 and the Joda module.

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
mapper.registerModule(new JodaModule());

Maven dependency:


Code and documentation: https://github.com/FasterXML/jackson-datatype-joda

Binaries: http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/fasterxml/jackson/datatype/jackson-datatype-joda/

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Could you expand on this please? Where does this code go and how is the ObjectMapper instance used? –  Paul Jul 29 '13 at 23:17
Looks promising, ditto Paul above... –  Ben Thurley Aug 20 '13 at 21:29
You should ask specific questions regarding the use of Jackson's api and Maven. Where the code goes depends on whether you use any frameworks / how you bootstrap your application. –  Kimble Sep 29 '13 at 17:17
when I add that I get the compile error "incompatible types: JodaModule cannot be converted to Module" - the method expects a org.codehaus.jackson.map.Module but JodaModule does not have this in its heirarchy so how could this work? –  martin charlesworth Nov 20 '13 at 23:12
Martin: Perhaps you have different versions of Jackson and the Jackson Joda Module on your classpath? –  Kimble Jun 18 at 18:49


Although you can put an annotation for each date field, is better to do a global configuration for your object mapper. If you use jackson you can configure your spring as follow:

<bean id="jacksonObjectMapper" class="com.company.CustomObjectMapper" />

<bean id="jacksonSerializationConfig" class="org.codehaus.jackson.map.SerializationConfig"
    factory-bean="jacksonObjectMapper" factory-method="getSerializationConfig" >

For CustomObjectMapper:

public class CustomObjectMapper extends ObjectMapper {

    public CustomObjectMapper() {
        configure(Feature.WRITE_DATES_AS_TIMESTAMPS, false);
        setDateFormat(new SimpleDateFormat("EEE MMM dd yyyy HH:mm:ss 'GMT'ZZZ (z)"));

Of course, SimpleDateFormat can use any format you need.

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setDateFormat(new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssz")); did the trick for me, thx –  Konsumierer Oct 15 '12 at 7:58

It seems that for Jackson 1.9.12 there is no such possibility by default, because of:

public final static class DateTimeSerializer
    extends JodaSerializer<DateTime>
    public DateTimeSerializer() { super(DateTime.class); }

    public void serialize(DateTime value, JsonGenerator jgen, SerializerProvider provider)
        throws IOException, JsonGenerationException
        if (provider.isEnabled(SerializationConfig.Feature.WRITE_DATES_AS_TIMESTAMPS)) {
        } else {

    public JsonNode getSchema(SerializerProvider provider, java.lang.reflect.Type typeHint)
        return createSchemaNode(provider.isEnabled(SerializationConfig.Feature.WRITE_DATES_AS_TIMESTAMPS)
                ? "number" : "string", true);

This class serializes data using toString() method of Joda DateTime.

Approach proposed by Rusty Kuntz works perfect for my case.

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You can still register custom serializer and deserializer, and those will have precedence over default implementation. –  StaxMan Aug 6 '13 at 0:04

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