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I am using the ASP membership services to create and manage users. I notice that on user account registration everything works fine... Until I call Roles.AddUserToRole, and suddenly I get a second user account created in the aspnet_users table. Can someone explain this? I am quite certain that I should only ever have one user account in the database per registered user...

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Could you provide some more information? How and when are these users being created? What does the data in the aspnet_users table look like for each user? – Samuel Meacham Jul 17 '10 at 0:24
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Roles and membership are separate concerns, e.g. do not depend on one another, so the multiple records in aspnet_Users do indicate that you may want to examine your configuration and ensure that your membership and roleManager elements either:

  1. both have NO applicationName defined (default '/') or
  2. both have the SAME applicationName defined
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