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I need to remove the cache when a user change language, but I get an error message.

  $smarty = new Smarty;
 //$smarty->force_compile = true;
 $smarty->debugging = true;
 $smarty->caching = false;
 $smarty->cache_lifetime = 120;

 if (isset($_COOKIE['country'])) 
 $country = $_COOKIE['country'];

  $language = "eng";

 if ($country == "NO"){    
  $language = "nor";


I also get this message when i use clear_assign:

function call 'clear_assign' is unknown or deprecated
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If you have recently upgrade your Smarty to version 3.x.x some method names are changed

in your case "clear_assign" is changed to "clearAssign"

for more information get offline documentation of "Smarty 3.0.x" from HERE or online documentation from HERE

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