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I am trying to deploy one ROR app on Heroku.

As I typed "git push heroku master", I got this :

-----> Heroku receiving push -----> Rails app detected -----> WARNING: Detected Rails is not declared in either .gems or Gemfile Scheduling the install of Rails 2.3.8. See http://docs.heroku.com/gems for details on specifying gems.

I wanted to know what it meant especially what was behind the "WARNING" message.

On Heroku's website (http://docs.heroku.com/gems) it's said you can fix this issue with the following instructions :

git add .gems git commit -a -m "added .gems file specifying framework git push heroku master

The problem is when i type "git add .gems", I get this :

fatal: pathspec '.gems' did not match any files

What do you think i should do ?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Have been learning Ubuntu, Heroku+ROR for a few days OS : Ubuntu Ruby : 1.8.7 Rails : 2.3.8

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You have to create the .gems file first, if it doesn't exist already:

$ touch .gems
$ git add .gems
$ git commit
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Thank you very much ! – politicus Jul 17 '10 at 6:35

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