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i have a socket server written in java, and i believe there is a memory leak. The i could not find anything in Netbeans' profiler, so i want to test it when it in deployed on my ubuntu server. How do i do this? What is an easy to install and use java profiler for ubuntu?

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You can check out jprofiler. This works great.

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+1 - it is great. Not free though. – Noel M Jul 17 '10 at 8:06

Try Java VisualVM:

sudo apt-get install visualvm
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First of all, if you couldn't find anything with the NetBeans profiler, then VisualVM won't give you much more satisfaction as VisualVM is a standalone version of NetBeans profiler.

That being said, my recommendation to hunt memory leaks would be Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT). In my opinion, this is simply the best Java heap analyzer you can get (even for money).

See also

If you're strictly looking for a CPU and Memory profiler, famous commercial products include YourKit, JProfiler and JProbe, YourKit being my preferred one (JXInsight is another excellent product but not strictly a profiler).

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