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Currently I'm using Savon to work with WebService in ruby. It works pretty well but I have difficulty to pass parameter for argument of SOAP array type. Following code doesn't work properly:

ids = [0,1,2]
client.do_get_items { |soap| soap.body = {
    'item-list' => ids

I would appreciate if you can solve my problem or propose an alternative library for ruby&soap

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I just stumbled on the same problem and the temporary workaround that worked for me is as follows:

ids = [0,1,2]
client.do_get_items { |soap| soap.body = {
  'item-list' => {
    'item1' => 0,
    'item2' => 1,
    'item3' => 2

The names "item1", "item2" shouldn't matter at all.

I use the following helper method to convert regular arrays into SOAP mess:

def soap_array(array)
  returning({}) do |hash|
    array.each_with_index do |e, i|
      hash["item-#{i}"] = e
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Good advice, though it may not always be enough. Some SOAP servers also ask for SOAP-ENC:Array or similar attributes. Savon support for arrays is still very limited. – tokland Sep 16 '10 at 17:03

I had a similar problem. I had to send array of strings as two of the request's arguments. I used Savon version 2. My final solution looks like this:

class JvMatching

    CLIENT_ID = 'bb_matchnig'

    extend Savon::Model

    operations :query_index

    # arg1, arg 2 - name of parameters that should be arrays of string
    def self.query_index(contents=[], constraints=[], focus='job', result_size=20)
        super(message: { arg0: CLIENT_ID, arg1: { item: contents }, arg2: { item: constraints }, arg3: focus, arg4: result_size })      


What helped me to find the right solution was downloading SOAP UI and checking how proper requests should look like.

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