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How can I set the alpha channel of a pixel to zero using .Net GDI+ or API calls? How can I set to transparent a shaped area (for instance, having sort of an"Erasing" brush and using it with FillEllipse() or FillRectangle() methods) ?

Thank you.

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An "erasing" brush? Do you intend to restore pixels to an earlier color using this "erasing" brush? That isn't possible. You will have to implement a technique similar to Photoshop layers. Filling with a transparent (alpha = zero) brush will have no effect. –  Agnel Kurian Jul 17 '10 at 15:16

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You can use a brush that's made from a Color that has an alpha of 0 (Color.FromArgb). Since the RGB values don't really matter anymore, you might as well use Brushes.Transparent. Make a single pixel transparent by drawing a rectangle of 1x1 with Graphics.FillRectangle().

Bitmap.MakeTransparent() is another way to quickly make an arbitrary background color transparent.

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Its pretty easy. Set the CompostingMode of the Graphics object to SourceCopy and use the Fill functions with a Brush created from a color with complete transparency(alpha component being 0).

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