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I am using Qt SDK 4.6 for developing a simple music player on windows XP. I have checked available mime types supported by phonon and according to it my phonon supports mp3 files Yet as i try to play an audio file of .mp3 format using my music player mediaObject moves in Error State and the error i get is Fatal Error : No combination of filters could be found to render the stream Secondly, I want to know how can i provide support for other audio files which are not currently supported by phonon like as .ogg file. Please help.

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Phonon is just an abstraction layer over a media player backend. Check the overview here and look for the Backends section.

You need to install mp3 codecs for your target backend. If you're on Windows, this is making sure you have mp3 playback in DirectShow/DirectX. Your error implies that you don't have any DirectShow filters for mp3

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