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Although I have set hoverrows: false, a tooltip is being displayed when the mouse hovers over any grid cell in version 3.7.2.

I found this link from December 2009:

which mentions the feature being available "in the final release". Version 3.7.2 dates from July 2010, so I assumed it incorporated the hoverrows feature mentioned last year. Is it perhaps not included yet? Or maybe I am setting the property at the wrong time? I am setting this property after defining the colModel but before the grid is populated with data.


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In my experience, hoverrows only disables the effect of highlighting an entire grid row when the mouse hovers over that row. Despite Tony's comments on that forum thread, I have not seen this option disable tooltips in grids with this option set.

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Thanks for the corroboration, Justin. I'll use the code Tony posts to remove the title from every cell. – Tim Jul 18 '10 at 12:14

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