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I have these tables.

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What do you mean by "truncate"? –  Donnie Jul 17 '10 at 14:05
I can't see a common field which links a question to an answer? –  Chris Diver Jul 17 '10 at 14:06
@Donnie sorry ,I mean join, –  kn3l Jul 17 '10 at 14:10
In that case, see @Chris's comment. You currently can't as no relationship exists. –  Donnie Jul 17 '10 at 14:12
Presumably there is an #__qa_answer_xref table that hasn't been given in the question. –  Tom Jul 17 '10 at 14:14

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q.question as question,
q.date_add as date,
q.publish as publish,
q.user_id as user,
qcat.name as category,
qans.answer as answer,
qans.publish as anspublish
#__qa_question as q,
#__qa_category_xref as qcatref,
#__qa_category as qcat,
#__qa_answer_xref as qansref
#__qa_answer as qans
q.qid = qcatref.qid
and qcat.catid = qcatref.catid
and q.quid = qansref.qid
and qans.aid = qansref.aid

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Assuming #__qa_category_xref.id is FK to #__qa_answer. (No #__qa_answer_xref table assumed).

select q.qid as [s/n], question, q.date_modify as [date], q.publish as publish
, user_id /*as no user table specified*/, c.name as category, answer, a.publish
from #__qa_question as q
join #__qa_category_xref as xref on q.qid = xref.qid
join #__qa_answer as a on a.aid = xref.id
join #__qa_category as c on c.catid = xref.catid
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Here's a starter for 10 (I'm assuming that the user_id column contains the user name, but there is probably another table in reality):

SELECT q.question AS "Question",
       q.date_add AS "date",
       q.publish AS "publish",
       q.user_id AS "user name",
       c.name AS "category",
       a.answer AS "answer",
       a.publish AS "publish"
  FROM #__qa_question q
  LEFT OUTER JOIN #__qa_category_xref cx ON (cx.qid = q.qid)
  LEFT OUTER JOIN #__qa_category c ON (c.catid = cx.catid)
  LEFT OUTER JOIN #__qa_answer_xref ax ON (ax.qid = q.qid)
  LEFT OUTER JOIN #__qa_answer a ON (a.aid = ax.aid)

Using outer joins ensures that you will see every question even if it has no answers or no categories.

Of course if (as suggested by the xref tables) there are many answers and many categories for each question then you will see lots of rows for each question, one for each answer and category combination.

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