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That's the current URL for one of my servlets. My question is, how do I change it?

In my web.xml file, altering




Makes absolutely NO difference to the URL it requests when I make an RPC-call to the servlet.

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Once you have done the above you need to change where you invoke (Which is described in the Annotation below) as in...

// The RemoteServiceRelativePath annotation automatically calls setServiceEntryPoint()
public interface MyEmailService extends RemoteService {
  void emptyMyInbox(String username, String password);

See http://google-web-toolkit.googlecode.com/svn/javadoc/1.6/com/google/gwt/user/client/rpc/RemoteServiceRelativePath.html

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That was it, thanks. :) –  Matthew H Jul 18 '10 at 15:19

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