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I can generate the controls but can't remove them. I'm trying to add a 'Link' which will call a function to remove dynamically created control. The control and link are next to each other. Here's the Java script and mark-up to create the control:

<script type="text/javascript">
        $(function() { // when document has loaded

            //   <input id="File1" type="file" runat="server" size="60" />

            var i = $('input').size() + 1; // check how many input exists on the document and add 1 for the add command to work

            $('a#add').click(function() { // when you click the add link
                $('<p><input type="file" id="' + i + '" name="' + 'dynamic:' + i + '" /> <a href="#" id="' + 're' + i + ' " onclick="removeControl("' + '\'#' + i + '\''+ '")">+</a></p>').appendTo('body'); // append (add) a new input to the document.

                // if you have the input inside a form, change body to form in the appendTo
                i++; //after the click i will be i = 3 if you click again i will be i = 4s

            function removeControl(controlId) {


        }); </script>

        <a href="#" id="add">Add</a>

<br />

<p><input type="file" id="1" /></p>


The script to create the Link to remove the control is not working. The onClick attribute is not mark-up correctly when I use Firebug to see the source.

<a href="#" id="' + 're' + i + ' " onclick="removeControl("' + '\'#' + i + '\''+ '")">+</a>

I just wanna add a Link to remove the generated control and the link itself.

Thank you.

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Do you want to remove the <input> or the entire <p> you added? One more thing, IDs can't start with a number, you need to prefix it with something, e.g. "file1", etc. – Nick Craver Jul 17 '10 at 18:33
I want to remove <input> and <a> that I added. Yes, by removing <p> will remove both. – Narazana Jul 17 '10 at 18:41
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If you want to remove an element from the Dom which was included via javascript you need to attach or rebind an event handler.

$('a.remove').live('click', function() {
  // Stuff to remove

Working solution:

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {

        // Init counter
        var counter = 0;

        // Add Elements
        $('#add').click(function() {

            counter++ // Increment counter

            var add_input = '<p><input type="file" />';
            var add_link = '<a href="#" class="remove">Remove</a>';

            // Append Elements if counter smaller 4
            if (counter <= 4) {
                $('body').append('<p>' + add_input + add_link + '</p>');
            return counter;

         // Remove Elements
         $('.remove').live('click', function() {
             counter--; // Decrement counter

<a href="#" id="add">Add</a>

FYI-> Always reduce dom inserts to a minimum.

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How can I allow only 4 controls to be added only? – Narazana Jul 17 '10 at 19:28
See edit above. If you need to add more then 4 controls just change the value within the if statement to your needs. – gearsdigital Jul 17 '10 at 20:58

Try changing your removeControl function to this:

function removeControl(driver) {

Then, change the call to the function in your anchor to this:

onclick="removeControl(this);return false;"

Should be good to go...

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