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It seems UITextFields convert all non-breaking spaces (nbsp, U+00A0) to spaces (U+0020). This causes problems for the editing of locale specific numbers. For instance, in the French/France locale, the non-breaking space separates 1 and % to form "1 %". However, since the UITextField converts the separator character to a space, the locale aware NSNumberFormatter is unable to parse the locale string and convert it to a number.

The following code snippet illustrates this problem.

NSLocale *fr_FR = [[[NSLocale alloc] initWithLocaleIdentifier:@"fr_FR"] autorelease];

NSNumberFormatter *percentageFormatter = [[NSNumberFormatter alloc] init];
[percentageFormatter setFormatterBehavior:NSNumberFormatterBehavior10_4];
[percentageFormatter setGeneratesDecimalNumbers:TRUE];
[percentageFormatter setNumberStyle:NSNumberFormatterPercentStyle];
[percentageFormatter setLocale:fr_FR];

NSDecimalNumber *one = [NSDecimalNumber decimalNumberWithString:@"0.01"];

// will be "1 %" where the separator character is a nbsp (this is correct)
NSString *percentage = [percentageFormatter stringFromNumber:one];

UITextField *textField = [[UITextField alloc] init];
textField.text = percentage;

// will be "1 %" where the separator character is a space (this is wrong)
NSString *textFieldValue = textField2.text;

// returns an indeterminate value: may throw an exception, may return nil, etc
// this should return the number 0.01
NSNumber *percentageNumber = [percentageFormatter numberFromString:textFieldValue];

My question: How do I prevent the UITextField from converting non-breaking spaces to spaces?

I understand the work arounds I can employ to hack this so that it works if I'm in a locale that uses non-breaking spaces. However, if there is property/behavior of the UITextField that I'm not aware of to preserve nbsp, I'd like to know.

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I'm pretty sure this feature doesn't exist. How about opening a bug report for the iPhone?

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That was my suspicion as well...I figured I'd try asking here first before logging a bug to Apple. – shek Dec 1 '08 at 22:54
Bug 6413923 has been logged to Apple. – shek Dec 3 '08 at 2:58

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