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This is a screen capture from Pragmatic Bookshelf book.

It looks like that the verbatim environment with the coloring, but I'm not sure.

How can one can use color for verbatim like environment as is shown?

Using line by line method would be a solution, but I expect a better way to go.

line 1
     line 2
\end{verbatim} }
line 3
     line 4
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You can use the fancyvrb package. It includes options for colouring, so you can just use multiple Verbatim environment blocks.

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An example using fancyvbr package



   \begin{Verbatim}[label={My orange command sample output}]
# \textcolor{Orange}{My orange command}
My black output
that it can be
many lines long
but this specific \textbf{\textcolor{OliveGreen}{word}}
and the following 2
\textbf{\textcolor{red}{lines are important so they}}
\textbf{\textcolor{red}{need to be highlighted and bold}}

Sample output of this code

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You can use the listings package also:



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