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I'm driving nuts around here. I'm building a CodeIgniter CMS and I need to use rich text areas. Image uploading is a must. I've been trying NicEdit all weekend, and it has great and simple image uploading but it shows some really strange issues on IE8 that I can't fix. So...I'm ready to try something else. I've seen FCKeditor, CKeditor, Xinha, etc. I really don't care hoy it plays with CodeIgniter, since my image uploading is gonna be an independent PHP function, with no conection with CodeIgniter. But it's a must that it plays nice on the major browsers. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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Well, I finally resolved this issue using TinyMCE and a wonderful plugin called TinyMCE Image Upload

It was a little bit rough to get it working but I made it.

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Although, I can't make it work properly on IE. Any suggestions? – fedeisas Jul 29 '10 at 3:34

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