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Is there currently a plugin that you ruby on rails developers that are also using macvim/gvim/vim that allows you to take a quick block of code and create a partial from it? I know that TextMate does this, figured someone has ported it by now to vim also.

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You want Tim Pope's rails.vim plugin:


It provides an :Rextract command that pulls a range of lines into a partial. Here's a very short demo of it in action:


(The :Rpartial command in the demo is an alias for :Rextract.)

The plugin provides dozens of other features, too, and many people consider it a must-have for Rails development in Vim.

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It works in vim with vim-rails plugin.

  1. Select in visual mode code which you need to send to partial
  2. Press key : and you will see :'<,'>
  3. Complete command to :'<,'>Rextract partial_name where partial_name will your partial's file name. You can set folder for partial, for example :'<,'>Rextract shared/menu
  4. Press Enter and enjoy.
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I like this answer better than the accepted answer because it actually gives step-by-step instructions, rather than just a fragile link to an animated demo which could go away. But it would be even better if you linked to the vim-rails plugin (links may be fragile but they're still useful). – Lambart Feb 14 '14 at 20:42

rails.vim can do this. From the features summary:

:Rextract file replaces the desired range (ideally selected in visual line mode) with render :partial => 'file', which is automatically created with your content. The @file instance variable is replaced with the file local variable.

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