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I have a problem redrawing a custom view in simple cocoa application. Drawing is based on one parameter that is being changed by a simple NSSlider. However, although i implement -setParameter: and -parameter methods and bind slider's value to that parameter in interface builder i cannot seem to make a custom view to redraw itself.

The code that does redrawing is like this:

- (void)setParameter:(int)newParameter {
  parameter = newParamter;
  NSLog(@"Updated parameter: %d", parameter);
  [self setNeedsDisplay:YES];

I DO get the message about setting the new parameter although the view doesn't redraw itself. Any ideas are welcome!

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The usual syntax is: [self setNeedsDisplay:YES], although I would assume that that means the same thing. Are you implementing the - (void)drawRect:(NSRect)rect method, or using the drawRect: method of your superclass?

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thanks for pointing out typo with true/YES I implement my own drawRect: method –  Eimantas Nov 29 '08 at 8:28
if you put an NSLog(@"hi") at the top of your DrawRect: method, does it get called? –  e.James Nov 29 '08 at 8:41
no, it doesn't get called. it gets called only once on program startup –  Eimantas Nov 29 '08 at 8:55
hmmm. Based on the information given so far, I'm stumped. Is there anything out of the ordinary about your setup? –  e.James Nov 29 '08 at 9:01
does this thread help at all? idevgames.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-10114.html –  e.James Nov 29 '08 at 9:07

Sometimes reason can be very simple: File's owner has no connection to UIView object. i.e. it's Outlet is not setup properly. Use IB, ctrl button and drag method :)

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This is a very good hint. In fact my view is NOT connected now although I´m sure my view was connected properly once. Now I got the problem that I can´t connect the view to the File's owner. Looks to me that something is broken. –  Ronald Hofmann Dec 29 '12 at 5:25

For anyone that has this problem while using an NSOpenGLView subclass, you might be forgetting to use [[self openGLContext] flushBuffer] at the end of drawRect:.

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In the iOS 6 there isn't such function to call: setNeedsDisplay:YES. I've got the same problem, and came with this solution: http://stackoverflow.com/a/15027374/1280800 .

Hope it will help.

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