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I'm looking for the least painful way (that is, with the least code) to implement DragAcceptFiles on the main window of a C# project.

I've been searching on the net, and it looks like I'll have to DllImport DragAcceptFiles, and override WndProc to catch and handle WM_DROPFILES messages.

Doesn't the .net-framework provide this somewhere? Isn't there a proper way to add message handlers to a form other than overriding WndProc and have it do an extra if on almost all other messages that come through?

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Ah, one of my upvoted questions that never got accepted as the answer. The memories. –  Hans Passant Jul 17 '10 at 22:05

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You can enable AllowDrop on the form and handle the DragDrop event. Take a look at the DragEventArgs class for the code for loading a file dropped onto a control.

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