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When I browse my home network with a bonjour browser, I see this _acp-sync._tcp bonjour service beeing advertised by all my AirPort base stations. Can anyone give me any insights on what this is for?

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Apparently acp-sync stands for Access Control Policy Synchronization –  Monobono Oct 9 '14 at 13:14

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The only likely reference I can find for an ACP protocol is in the man page for natutil:

natutil uses the ACP protocol to detect, configure, and extract status information from Internet gate-way gateway way devices (IGDs) (such as AirPort Base Stations) on the local network.

I doubt you'll find out much further about it without firing up a packet sniffer as the dearth of information about it is a good indicator that Apple want to keep it proprietary.

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Of course, I'd quite forgotten about that feature of Server. And Lion now contains the natutil(8) utility in the client, with more documentation (but inaccurate control of Airport base stations). _airport._tcp uses same port number (5009). Sadly, the IANA registry contains very sparse information on the formats of the TXT records in either case, so we lose beyond this point. :-(

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