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I want to remove dependencies from my classes for WCF Services. I want to inject them into the constructor as an interface and then mock the interface when I am testing that class.

What is the best practice and the fastest way for doing this?

my class:

class Test
public IMyWCFInterface _wcf;
 public Test(IMyWCFInterface wcf)
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When you generate a WCF client proxy, an interface for the proxy should be generated for you. In addition, the generated client class that derives from ClientBase<TChannel> should implement that interface. Rather than depending on the class, depend on the interface, and inject an instance of the client class. That should resolve your problem.

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jr, you seem to be echoing what the OP stated as his intentions yet provide no guidance ?? – Sky Sanders Jul 18 '10 at 3:50
If he is already doing that, I'm not sure what more to offer. If a class depends on an interface, the interface can easily be mocked with a framework like Moq or RhinoMocks. Any IoC framework such as Castle Windsor, Ninject, etc. can inject instances of the client class. – jrista Jul 18 '10 at 3:56

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