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I'm looking for a simple game server for an iPhone game I'm creating.

The game is turn based, so I just need a way for players to find other players, and then have the server gather and send out turns. It's a simple two player card game.

If you have ever seem the with friends app.. ( Chess with friends, Words with friends ) that is the type of server I'm looking for.

Any suggestions on free or low cost software I can use??

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If you would like to integrate OpenFeint, there is a turnbased multiplayer component you can take advantage of. No independent server required, with a simple and capable API ready for you to use.


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WOW! This is GREAT! Thank you so much.. I was planning on adding OpenFeint to my game this week. I didn't no they offered this service as well. Great Help! – Chris Young Jul 18 '10 at 0:55

Here is a similar open source game. It is a two-player game server. It can be hosted on Google App Engine.

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For something scalable you can use SmartFoxServer or Google App Engine if you want to role your own scalable backend on the cheap. Integrating with Apple Push Notification could be done with Urban Airship

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You can use Apple's GameCenter's built in Match making feature to create turn based multiplayer games.


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