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I'd like to write an iCal plugin to help me cope with the need to put most events I create onto two calendars. Google is uncharacteristically less than helpful in providing programming resources for this purpose. Can someone here provide pointer(s)?

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Let's see, do you own a time machine with which to tell what google had to say about this in 2010? Because, in fact, it had just about nothing. – bmargulies Oct 11 '11 at 1:10
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You might consider using the Apple Events scripting interface built into iCal (and many other OS X apps), accessible via AppleScript or scripting bridges such as appscript. Use the Open Dictionary menu item in AppleScript (as it is now known in OS X 10.6) to view the complete iCal scripting dictionary. There is a somewhat old but probably still useful introduction to iCal scripting here.

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